The LeanShaman method allows employees to autonomously and safely implement a huge number of small but essential changes, improvements and innovations.

Lean Shaman System

Unleash the full potential of your employees. Provide them with a tool that enables transforming challenges into essential improvements.

Start with small steps to gradually transition to more complex and ambitious projects.

Imagine your employees acquiring the skill to execute increasingly better ideas, and importantly, doing so in a safe manner.

Rapidly elevate your team's quality and cultivate an organizational culture that will respond swiftly to changing market conditions.

Continuous Improvement Software

Complete Solution
Ready for Use

LeanShaman is a method of enhancing organizational culture by utilizing tools for automated change management processes. The applied innovative decision algorithms can effectively and safely implement vast amounts of changes, while built-in gamification elements motivate employees to solve essential problems.

To implement the LeanShaman method, you don't need to make any changes to your organization, and you don't need to involve the IT department.
Just start using it!

Is this for me?

LeanShaman is an organizational culture-building method. Remember, culture doesn't change overnight, and you need time for your team to develop a habit of continuous improvement.

LeanShaman isn't designed for tackling large and intricate issues. However, our method is remarkably effective because it enables your employees to eliminate numerous minor obstacles that become the source of more significant, costly, and challenging problems.

Continuous Improvement System

You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great.

Continuous Improvement System

Why does this work?

Two key elements of continuous improvement lead to success:

  • accepting all ideas, no matter how small they are,
  • implementing them swiftly.

The LeanShaman excels in both of these areas. Algorithms automatically verify ideas in terms of safety and risk, and then efficiently oversee their implementation.

The LeanShaman is capable of effectively handling thousands of implementations throughout the year with minimal involvement from your management team.

LeanShaman Principles

  • More ideas lead to better ideas,
  • Start with small steps,
  • Don't hinder change when it isn't a threat,
  • Resolve problems at their source,
  • Involve only essential individuals,
  • Provide immediate feedback,
  • Empower people to implement their own ideas,
  • Teach and inspire through examples and emulation
LeanShaman Continuous Improvements
LeanShaman - Continuous Innovation

Who Wins?

EMPLOYEES - they win because they work in a better-managed company where the team is engaged and proud of what they do and how they do it.

LEADERSHIP TEAM - they win because they consistently enhance their ability to deliver more value, faster, and at lower costs.

SHAREHOLDERS AND CUSTOMERS - they win because the company can respond more swiftly to changing business environments and customer needs.

Who inquires about us most often?

  • CEOs and business owners
  • HR, IT & Transformation Directors
  • Business Excellence Executives
  • Quality Directors & Lean Coordinators

And other managers who believe that their organization should have a chance for an effective improvement of employee culture.

LeanShaman - Continuous Innovation
Continuous Improvement System

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LeanShaman - Continuous Innovation

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